Chiken livers with bacon and mushrooms
Chiken livers "Po selski"
Chiken livers with bacon
Chiken hearts in butter
Ducks heart on skewer
Chiken fritters
Chiken wings
Cheese under lid
Breaded cheese fritters
Breaded smoked cheese
Stuffed mushrooms
Grilled mushrooms
Mushrooms with bacon and yellow cheese
Spinach puree with eggs
Fried courgette
Eggplant in tomato sauce
Peppers in tomato sauce
Peppers "Gratinirani"
Breaded pepper with cheese paste (katak) 2 pcs
Souffle with broccoli and Roquefort
Tongue in butter
Tongue "The hunter`s way"
Tripe in butter
Crab rolls in butter
Lamb`s head
Lamb`s pluck
Goose liver
Homemade french fries